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Coil Tubing Specs

Advanced Coil Tubing  units are efficient, versatile, and capable of delivering virtually any coiled tubing operation at shallow, medium, and deep depths. Each self-contained unit can be rigged-up quickly, thereby reducing time on location. Replaceable work reels provide the ability to utilize multiple tubing sizes and lengths in minimal time and permit travel during road bans. All conventional units are equipped with real-time data acquisition and tubing fatigue analysis software, enabling clients to observe actual rates, pressures, and remaining tubing life.


▪ Clean-up and removal of fracturing and produced sand, scale, and wax

▪ Cement and stimulation fluid placement

▪ Drilling and under-balanced drilling in vertical and horizontal wells

▪ Milling and under-reaming operations

▪ Velocity string instalment, steel and composite

▪ Placement and retrieval of production plugs, packers, and retainers

▪ Logging and perforating with E-line strings

▪ Casing and tubing scrapers, junk baskets, and gauge rings