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Coil Tubing Sales & Service

Advanced Coiled Tubing, a leader in the coiled tubing industry from shallow coil operations to long horizontal applications has a solution for you. We are one of the only coil companies with a dedicated E-coil string in Western Canada. Advanced Coil Tubing E-coil has the capability to all of your perforation and camera needs! Advanced Coil Tubing has all of it’s safety designations including SECOR and ISN networld.


  • Clean-up and removal of fracturing and produced sand, scale, and wax
  • Cement and stimulation fluid placement
  • Drilling and underbalanced drilling in vertical and horizontal wells
  • Milling and under-reaming operations
  • Velocity string instalment, steel and composite
  • Placement and retrieval of production plugs, packers, and retainers
  • Logging and perforating with E-line strings
  • Casing and tubing scrapers, junk baskets, and gauge rings